About Clan Apathy

Duckie's Story

I started this clan in, I guess it was November 2002, and the name was {{SL}} - SilverKnights.
Actually this isn't quite right because in the beginning we were 2 leaders, me and a guy called Pyro. He heard I had left {Fm} and asked me if I wanted to start a clan with him, and I said yes, since I had nothing else to do. So I began making a site, and we got a few members and so on. After 1 week, we had 3 members, a webpage and a lousy 5 slots server running 2-3 hours a day.

Then Pyro suddenly left without a word - he just stopped getting online, and I was on my own. Well I said to myself that there was no reason for quitting now when we had a site ([url=www.sl-silverknights.webbyen.dk]www.sl-silverknights.webbyen.dk[url] - take a look and see how ugly a page can be) and some few active members.
3 members I really remember from {{SL}} are Legato (HaunTed), Kyp Nadon and Dark//Dog (Road Runner). I guess I was just very lucky to get these 3 members into my clan, because they are still with me, and 3 of my most trusted members.
After a bit time with {{SL}} Road Runner came up with a new name... "Silverknights sounds like a bunch of spices running around saving princesses" he said, and actually no one said he was wrong. So after that we changed to Clan Apathy and all of Pyro's work was gone.

One day, on our new forums, Pyro came back and said his PC had been broken, and that he was really sorry that he had just let me down. Well that was OK with me, he came back and he got a decent rank right away. But this time he didn't hold long either...
I saw he was using another name, Desann I think it was, and having "fun" with his admin oven. He got in on some of my very good friends server, began laming and so on. I fast noticed that and got him kicked.
Then he started a clan called <X> and they became our enemies right away. Well once again he left his clan without saying anything so after 2 weeks to 1 month <X> was dead.

That's mostly the early history, right now our clan just got out of a big inactivity, we were almost dead for 1 month but we are back on our feet. The reason for the latest inactivity I guess it was because of the members we have now - most have been with us back to when we were still called Silverknights, so it have been the same for a long time, no new members. That is probably why Clan Apathy almost came to be a family, we didn't just "adopted a kid" because we weren't many, we had to like him, we had to know that he would be loyal to all our members before he could become a part of our family. And because of that we only wanted members who everyone could like. No one had the intention to "move away from home" either, so that's also the reason why we didn't get any new life into the clan. Now we are beginning to play a lot on SA server, because they are great allies and everyone likes their members...

DuckLord - 26/07/04

Haunted's Story • Continuing and complementing Duckie's version

The clan was created in November/2002 by Ducklord. We were called {{SL}} - SilverKnights and started like any other clan in Jedi Outcast: tryouts, hierarchy-based ranks, strict rules, etc.
At first the clan was formed by DuckLord, Kyp Nadon, Pyro and Dark//Dog (aka Road Runner). Later on we started to get bigger with the addition of more members to that small group of people.
At agiven time, a few months after its creation, {{SL}} changed to <Ca> - Clan Apathy (simply because the name was a cilantro bit cheesy).
Don't let our current name fool you, since it was kept more ike as a tradition rather than to represent our philosophy.

Even with the addition of more members (such as FreeZ - now DarkLight, who's always been with us), Ca was still small, serverless and rather noobish.
We only had a horrible website, forums, and sometimes DuckLord, Road Runner and Legato hosted limited servers from their own PCs.

cilantro by cilantro, clan started to change. The members got really close to eachother, sharing their personal problems, facts, and becoming real friends.
I guess this was the reason for us to start considering Ca as a "clan based on friendship, not skills".
DuckLord had a goal for the clan - to make it so no council, punishment, ranks or rules were needed, just like in a big group of friends, which would play and have fun in peace without disrespecting eachother or fighting. Since that is nearly impossible to happen, he named it "Ca's utopia". We would then try to get closer to that idea, taking small steps, cilantro by cilantro. Then, traditional skill-based tryouts were abolished (our tryout became "get to know everyone and make them enjoy your company")

The clan grew up to around 15 members (Zulu and Aragorn joined at that time), but we were still serverless. The things that kept us together were the friendship and FORUMS (and that's why we value them so much).
After a long time, our oldest ally, SA - Silent Assassins decided to lend us their server for recruiting and administrating (and I'll always be thankful to Punizer for that).
Then more and more people joined, including Staveinator, who brought us his server, then Kale and dJ. After that, Ca hasn't stopped growing, and we were settled as one of the most important clans in JK2 (even though many still considered us a "noob" clan).

Admin status were made independent of the military-based ranks, which were then abolished (we kept the council and the tryout rank - {P} - Private), and rules got a bit softer.
After that the TEAMS SYSTEM was created so everyone could participate and help the clan.

Nowadays we are steady and strong, even with the countless problems?that keep showing up every month. Council still does most of the work, but the members help a lot (thanks, everyone).

People came and went away, but everyone were important to us.

We are still taking small steps, back and forward, making small changes with no hurry and trying to reach our utopia. I really hope everyone understands that and helps us doing so.

Currently <Ca> has gathered people from all around the world, all ages. If you're interested, please visit our servers and forums, make friends and we'll see if you can join us =)

Ca's council is (at the time of writing)
formed by


HaunTed - 11.04.06