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Here is the THIRD version of the Bespin clientside. The first and second versions are no longer available for download, as it is recommended to upgrade to this version. This is *not* required to play on Ca, but those with it are able to take advantage of several features and changes unique to Ca's server. This "clientside" is compatible with any other clientsides you may have, except for Ce's. If there are any questions or comments, please post here and let me know. Throw the pk3 in your base folder, restart jk2, and join Ca!

Version 3.0
Retained all features from v2.0
Added a dueling/tournament room, accessible via admin bunker or tele inside the bar.
Added an all out FFA/War room, accessible only via tele inside the bar.
Added a giant climbing challenge, created and provided by Acrobat!
Added some "ski jumps" to the slide room along with a few other changes.
Fixed several texture's alignments and added some lighting changes to various areas.
Fixed dynamic lighting not working since v2. (thanks Boy for pointing it out)
Added a new skin to the pack, iam2.
Added some files to change into SP variations of certain models. (players without clientside can still see regular model)
Other various undocumented/secret tweaks, changes, and additions.

Known bugs:
Some lightmap issues where random small parts of the map might be dark or slightly discolored.
Some versions of the iam2 skin are made out of shaders, and therefore loses dynamic lighting which other regular models have.

Version 2.0:
Retained all features from v1.0
Furnished the Bespin Spy network into a much cooler hangout area.
Converted an unused building into the official Ca Bar/Pub.
Converted part of another unused building into the admin wing; accessible through the bunker.
Raised the height of the skybox by 3x and added invisible skypad with secret non-tele entrance.
Converted an unused building into a small swimming pool.
The pad observation tower... is now an actual observation tower.
Various small tweaks and secrets.

Version 1.0:
Removed and guted some boundaries and made them smooth to walk through like any other part of the map.
Added a super slide made 100% by me, taken straight from the upcoming Ca clan map (modified for bespin use).
Added a Bespin Spy network. Remember: big brother is always watching.


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