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I know there are still some die-hard Jedi Outcast fans out there that would appreciate a good serverside mod. Come on, raise your hands. I said "good" serverside mod, but I'm really not an expert in the field so I can't tell you whether it's good or not. It has many features that should sound familiar: emotes like amsit, amsleep, amsurrender. It has admin commands, such as amkick, amslap, and ampunish. It also has additional rcon support.

In addition to these emotes and commands, the mod contains two types of "lame protection": a timer, which begins upon holstering your saber, and a system based on attacking vs. not attacking. The second system also puts restrictions on the "protected" character - they can not
obtain pickups or harm others with kicks. In the first system they can harm with kicks, however this will cause the protected player to once again become vulnerable to others.

Also included, which I think is a nifty tool, is a word filter. Tired of being called a n00b? Filter it out and never see it again! Of course this can also be used if you're tired of seeing little kids practicing every swear word they're not allowed to speak at home.

There's more to this mod than I've described here, so if you're interested give it a download and check out the various read-mes for whatever information suits your fancy.



DS-Online v1.32 Clientside
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